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michael kors sale is raising its focus somewhat from the really affluent to the really, really affluent. The Paris-based conglomerate of fabulous and fussy things is launching a new line of very high-end leather handbags and accessories to complement its existing products, according to Women’s Wear Daily.The strategy raises the question: just how much more opulent can LVMH (MC:FP) get? The company already sells $88,000 watches, $4,000 handbags, and $1,000 scarves. But if you are asking that question, the new LVMH line isn’t for you. There’s really no ceiling in the high-end retail game (consider astrakhan, a fleece harvested from fetal lambs).

michael kors sale

French leather goods house Michael Kors attached personas to select models from its men’s bag collection to showcase the products’ utility.

Michael Kors’s “A Man, a Voyage, an Iconic Bag” video series captures vignettes of the rooms belonging to three bags’ fictional owners. Through these short films Michael Kors is able to showcase the broad appeal of its bags.

“All three of the bags are iconic Michael Kors bags for men,” said Amanda Rue, strategist at Carrot Creative, New York. ”The videos take an iconic product and breathe new life into them by adding a fresh, but classic context.

“The videos all support the larger michael kors sale around travel and exploration,” she said. “While the videos do not include people, they each tell a story of three interesting world travelers and the products that fit beautifully into their lives.”

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NEW YORK --Michael Kors On Sale proved he is the word on American sportswear with the knockout spring 2014 collection he showed Wednesday morning at New York Fashion Week.

I was looking forward to seeing Kors' collection in particular, because so many designers here seem to be leery of showing sportswear, insisting instead on dooding up their clothing (Prabal Gurung, Thakoon), perhaps in an effort to compete with European houses such as Michael kors handbags on sale and michael kors bags on sale

But some of the hottest labels in Europe now (Celine, Chloe, Isabel Marant) have been succeeding by doing twists on American sportswear. So it would seem that the moment is opportune for a return to America's fashion roots. And Michael Kors Purses On Sale seized the day.

The inspiration: Summer romance. A juxtaposition of sportif and romantic, sharply tailored meets soft and fluid, according to the show notes.

The look: Timeless American style and grace. Think Katharine Hepburn, Lauren Bacall, Slim Keith and Lauren Hutton. Feminine, fresh, confident and effortless with exquisite tailoring and details. The precise, ever so slight puff to the sleeves on a cream silk georgette blouse, tucked into wide sand gabardine trousers with pleated legs. The softly sculpted-at-the-waist shape of a white belted linen blazer over a swishy skirt. The delicate raffia hand-embroidered flowers on a linen dance dress. A flounce dress in a blue denim batik lace that looked sturdy enough to wear in real life. A gorgeous, nutmeg-colored belted georgette dress with Michael Kors Handbags Sale in front so it moved beautifully when the model walked. A retro, high-waist bikini in grass green with hand-embroidered daisies. An indigo crepe, crystal-studded keyhole dress with short sleeves.

The verdict. You couldn't help but be romanced. With the peacockish insanity surrounding fashion right now, with the name of the game seeming to be dressing to impress a street style photographer, there was something truly refreshing about these simple, elegantly made clothes that didn't look like they were trying too hard.