Clean your home to prevent allergies

Nov 16, 2015 |

The allergies are frustrating and annoying, you’re always sneezing and your nose is constantly running and you are hating all of it, however in fact way too many of these are due to dirt and dust and when you’re not keeping your property precisely, those two may be found therein great quantities. But what does precisely mean? You are vacuum cleaning and you are removing the dirt from your most clear surfaces once weekly but still, most of US understand that this damn thing is endless and may not be overcome, and immediately after every clean up, which lasts a long time, you sit on the sofa and you notice the dirt occasionally, everywhere. The good thing is that although you will never succeed removing the whole thing in the home; you could possibly modify a few of your habits and do some items that will make the whole situation better.

The bedroom

The reality is that you need to try removing the dirt mainly here, you also won’t even realize it and because when you sleep in this room, you may breathe it all. On the next sunny day you’ll wake up grumpy and sneezing, should you skip these. First avoid opening the windows – yes the air is clean and the breeze magically nice, but therefore you let some dirt and pollen particles come smoothly inside. And they’re absorbed by the bed sheets and the result is explicit. Yet another thing you learn is the way better your bed with them is and that you shouldn’t overdo with blankets and pillows, irrespective of how cozy they are.

The vacuum cleaning

You’re prone to one or for those who have some kind of sensitivity, you do that over a daily basis or at least 3 times weekly. It won’t take you a lot of time indeed and thus you will get rid of a lot of dust and dirt and all that stuff that is significantly more than damaging on your health and trigger allergies.

The airconditioning

This point is marvelous and makes the temperature in your house perfectly and you are feeling so good, but its filters absorb and collect dirt and then they spread this same dust if the airconditioning change on if that you don’t clear them regularly. Therefore take them out and first vacuum clean them, then with cleaning product and some hot water carefully cleanse them and put them back where they belong. The entire air conditioning will continue to work better, you’ll spend less money and the atmosphere in the home will be cleaner.


Always declutter. The piles of the books and journals on to the floor or clothes about the bed, the games of the children on the rug or perhaps the dirty dishes inside the sink – so they could cause you a great deal of trouble and each of them gather store and dust bacteria. Therefore only declutter – prepare everything properly and eliminate all the stuff you don’t use frequently.

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