Diamonds brands as well as exactly what they mean

Mar 19, 2015 |

Diamonds are among minority items that
simply can not be ‘branded.’ Even though
there are various cuts, various grades, as well as
various values put on each and every
diamond out there, no diamond is any
particular brand name – just as gold is not a particular

Branding is in fact based upon which has the
diamond. As an example, if DeBeers possesses the
diamond, it is a DeBeers Diamond – but it is
still simply a diamond. If the diamond was reduced by
a specific populare cutter, then it could be
branded in that method too – but it generally
isn’t really. It is still well-known based upon which owns it
at the time. So essentially, when it comes down
to it – diamond brand names suggest definitely
absolutely nothing in any way.

Do not permit a jewelry expert to try to speak you right into
paying an outrageous rate on a diamond
considering that it is a particular brand name. This is a little bit
of trickery made use of by unethical jewelers
when they recognize that they are dealing with
folks which do not know much regarding
diamonds. Remember that rubies are
not in fact branded – unless mother nature
has her very own brand!

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