Does your image FLY?

DESIGN IS PASSION. It’s the beauty that remains after telling A STORY. A STORY that lingers in the design, like a photograph, that after many years, still evokes laughter, tears, a sigh, the raw emotion of that memory.

Let me share MY STORY with you, so you have a better understanding of me, my company; my brand.

THE STORY begins in NYC…

At Y&R in their Packaging division, from there, Gerstman and Meyers, (Interbrand) one of the top packaging design firms in the country. My creativity and innovative designs allowed me to be part of the inspirational teams that won various design awards and achievements.

Years later, I migrated south to Florida as the Creative Director for a Private Label Personal Care company where we designed all types of branding, packaging and collateral materials for a varied clientele base.

Here is where THE STORY gets good…

Rockin’ Robin Design Group hatches, and for almost 10 years now, we “Rock” the brand for many start-ups and small to mid-range companies. “Rockin’ Robin is a dynamic creative network flying side by side with best-in-class consultants.

My objective is to hear YOUR STORY and capture its essence on paper. The process starts with you, YOUR STORY, and by collaborating with my team to develop innovative concepts and produce awe-inspired designs which are powerful, substantial, and memorable.

It’s the moment that lasts forever in our memory, it’s the brand of you.

It starts with A STORY, so tell me yours.

Robin Kupfer

- Fearless Flyer

“Rockin Robin design has enabled me to expand our business presence with an imaginative branding initiatiave in a very busy marketspace. It was the perfect end-to-end solution.

- Holly Firestone, TEMPLE DIRECTOR

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